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PhD in Wetland Vegetation Dynamics, Honours in Fire Ecology both at University of Wollongong NSW Australia.
Retired High School Teacher in Biology and Environmental Science: Last school: Kiama High School, NSW.
Research interests: Heathland ecology, dynamics and floristics. I also have produced books on botany as a 'not for profit' extension of my interest in ecology and botany.
Author: Heathlands: Walks and Wildflowers of the Ulladulla.
Latest book: 'Native Plants of the Ulladulla Region and the walks where you will see them", is now available from Harbour books, Ulladulla.
Errata corrige: p38: 'Yellow Wattlebird' should be 'Red Wattlebird', p 143 Diuris maculata (Spotted Doubletail): The left photo is of Diuris aurea. The right hand photo is correct.

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