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Hello, I am a 15 year old student living in Auckland, New Zealand, working towards becoming an invertebrate zoologist (with aspects of ecology, marine biology and paleontrogy)
Born in Japan, living in NZ since 2019. He/him.
My interest in molluscs started when I was 7 years old and I have been identifying and collecting several thousand species.
Besides Molluscs, I am extremely interested in any other marine/terrestrial/freshwater invertebrates, mosses, liverworts, lichens, fungi, all algae, and any other weird (praise) wild organisms! I am extremely obsessed with springtails and myriapods in these days.
My main work on iNaturalist besides observing is to identify worldwide marine molluscs (seashells) and to curate taxonomy of molluscs.

I have also been working on promoting Inaturalist to many avid naturalists in Japan, whose even have not heard of Inaturalist.

Don't hesitate to contact me by @ in comments or by message or email maesaryu(a) for any questions, ID requests, photo usage requests or anything else.
I am always happy to collect, preserve and send specimens to researchers for scientific purposes.


Inaturalist discord server: recommended for all Inat users.

Observations with hard-worked backgrounds

My mollusc observations, including in situ photography as well as specimen photos

🐌 Feel free to mention me @glycymeris in comments if there are any questions or disagreements with IDs or anything else - I am happy to answer and I normally reply within a couple days as an Inaturalist addict.

All of the photos I post on Inaturalist were taken and edited only by me unless other's names are mentioned.
Anyone can use my CC-BY photographs but a clear citation of the credit (needs to be Saryu Mae, not as @ glycymeris please) is always required. I would be happier if you could notify me in comments, messages or by email if you plan to use any of those. Possibly I can provide a better photo!

・Reasons of why I add IDs to old observations, even if they are already identified and being "research grade"
In Inaturalist community, there are not many identifiers specialized to Molluscs.
Often people use AI IDer or suggest species just by simple guess, and I frequently see many "research grade" observations are actually wrongly identified.

Because these mistakes are so common and many "research grade" observations are not too reliable even with some agreeing IDs, I have been trying to go through all the past mollusc observations and agreeing for correct ones, suggesting a new ID for the ones I find incorrect. I know that I can use "reviewed" section but there is no reason for me not to add ID when I checked their IDs are correct at my view.

I aim to add as many accurate mollusc identifications as I can, so I can be notified when someone adds disagreeing ID or comments which should be considered. This is one of my main purpose, because it happens often that correcting IDs suggested by other mollusc identifier are not reviewed by anyone so the ID for the observation stay inprecise and inaccurate which is not good.

Recently I am working on checking IDs for common land snails such as Cornu aspersum and I have already spotted hundreds of other species being misidentified as Cornu.

About me
I born and lived in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan for 12 years until I came to New Zealand in 2019 where I currently live.

I have been particularly interested in geology and paleontology since I was 5 years old, and my interest extended to malacology, which is the study of recent and fossil molluscs (a group of animal including snails, bivalves and octopuses).
I am also very interested in general invertebrate Zoology (Echinodermology etcetra) and Botany, Mineralogy and Geology.

Taxon Changes
As a curator, I update Inaturalist's database to the newest taxonomic tree, based on Molluscabase. Feel free to mention me if any taxon changes of molluscs were needed.

Wellington Shell Club (New Zealand)
NPO Network for Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Natural History (Japan)

Kenji YOKOYAMA and Saryu MAE. 2018. Shell fossils and the sedimentation environment of the shell fossil dense layer of The Middle Pleistocene Negoya Formation
at Negoya in the Udo Hill, Shizuoka City, central Japan

This is an article about deep water fauna and environment of a formation formed in middle Pleistocene(Chibanian) I have co-authored in 2017, and I was in charge of collecting, preserving, identifying of deep-water mollusc fossils from the formation.

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It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (Observations, Identifications, comments, medias, etc) remain on the site in the event of my death, which hopefully will not be soon :)

(About me in Japanese)

前 朝琉 という者です。生き物屋で、自称貝屋ですがすべての無脊椎動物・古生物・変な生物に非常に興味があります。変人です。静岡市出身で、2019年からはニュージーランドのオークランドに住んでいます。
将来的には軟体動物を中心に生物学, 生態学, 古生物学や関連した研究をすることを志望しています。
iNaturalistでは多数派ではない日本語ユーザーが英語を使わずとも同定や情報交換などをし合える場所として、アイナチュラリスト日本語コミュニティ(url) を作りました。日本語を理解できるユーザーの方は参加をお願い申し上げます。

最近、twitterなどでInaturalistを宣伝(?)している張本人です。Inaturalistの使い方、サイトが改善すべきところ、設定の方法や使い方など、なんでも相談に乗りますので、お気軽にメッセージ、またはコメントで@glycymeris とメンションしていただければ、できるだけお手伝いします。



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