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23 de febrero de 2021

Jack Wallace Field Journal 2 From Inside COVID Isolation

Date: February 21, 2021
Start Time: 1:45 PM
End Time: 3:30 PM
Location: Trinity Campus Cottages
Weather: 25 degrees F, partly cloudy, Wind - NW 9 mph
Habitat: Suburban area

In light of being limited to the view from my window, I was able to see some American Crows fly by as well as hear and identify the call of the House Sparrow and Northern Cardinal. The Crows were traveling in a group of 5, flying east to west. It makes sense that these birds would be together in the wintertime due to the fact that the American Crow tends to congregate in colder months to roost together in order to provide heat to each other. The House Sparrows sounded to be right under my window, however the brown coloring provided perfect camoflage in the bush that they seemed to be in. From sitting in my room I heard the distinct laser gun sounding call from a Northern Cardinal. I was not able to locate this bird from my location.

Because the American Crow was the only bird I was able to see flying during my observation, I was only able to watch its flight patterns. From the short time I saw them, it seemed apparent that they followed a pretty steady and direct pattern by continuously flapping their wings up and down. From past experience, this pattern is similar to that of the Canadian Geese that I see often in my backyard in CT. This style of flying could be attributed to the fact that much like Canadian Geese, the American Crow can and will fly great distances and can be considered partially migratory.

Even though I was limited to my view from my window, I expected to see more bids than I actually did. I think this can be attributed to the change in weather. Snow has been forecasted for the coming days and many species of animal can sense the dip in atmospheric pressure which signals these events. I think the lack of wildlife could be caused by animals sensing and preparing for the cold, stormy weather. Overall, I will hopefully have better luck once I can go to the forest for the next journal!

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