16 de junio de 2023

Nature walk 6/15/23

Yesterday I discovered that there are woods trails between the Chestnut Hill reservoir path along the water, and the road. I took my walk in those trails and I saw multiple bunnies and a bunch of baby chipmunks hopping / running around throughout. I also do not completely know how accurate my classifications are because I do not know plants well so I went with the suggestions given by the iNaturalist app. I saw a lot of a plant that my dad would have me pull out because he said it was a weed. About halfway through my walk I saw a dead squirrel but besides that the weather was nice so overall I guess it was a pleasant walk. On my way out I saw a small "field" of ivies next the trail towards the exit. There was a bunch of plants that iNaturalist suggested as a form of some flower but they didn't really look like they had flowers / weren't blooming any but I guess they could bloom some off the top and they just aren't blooming right now. There was also significantly less glass on the trails by the res when compared to Ringer Playground where my first walk was so that was nice.

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09 de junio de 2023

Nature walk 6/8/23

Yesterday I visited Ringer park in Allston Massachusetts. While walking the temperature was fine however it was very lightly sprinkling on and off. First I found gold dust lichen on a tree not far from where I entered the park. Next was the regular green moss and light blue-green lichen that is commonly found across New England. I went into the front of the West End House and asked if there was anywhere in the park behind it where I could find mushrooms and the nice lady at the front desk said to check by the trees around the side. I saw some rust fungi and white mold on leafs while searching the ground for any mushrooms, along with a bunny staring straight at me. The thing that I honestly saw the most besides all the fallen leaves was probably broken glass. Not including the empty nip bottles or empty cigarette boxes, the most prevalent thing not part of nature would be the astounding amount of broken glass in the trails. After having no luck finding mushrooms in Ringer park I went back to BC's campus and talked to one of my friends who said he saw some near the rec that morning. Sure enough on the grass by the tennis courts I found some mushrooms. On my way back to the dorms I saw another bunny and concluded my walk.

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