1975-78 summer job at ETH research station

I was jobbing in Zuoz, maintaining pheromone and light traps for the "Lärchenwickler" Zeiraphera project, under guidance of Dr. W.Baltensweiler. Instead of a salary I got free access to a VW minivan and Mercury lights. I also evaluated light traps in high mountain locations for Noctuidae moths

typical set of Mercury lights, bedsheet and generator used in the Engadin, Vintschgau, Val Müstair, Poschiavo and Bregaglia

an example of an ETH light trap, this one was used on Julier pass during Summers 1975/76

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Mothing in the snow?!

Publicado por jasonrgrant hace 9 meses (Marca)

the trap was always on during the season. Snow in July, August or September is quite common above 2000m

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